Wi-Fi-only Sony Xperia Z Ultra rumoured to fall on the tablet side of phablet

Sony is plotting to ditch mobile data connectivity for a new version of its Xperia Z Ultra phablet, according to reports on Friday.

According to leaked benchmarks from AnTuTu, the Japanese giant is plotting a Wi-Fi only version of the 6.44-inch device that'll maintain cellular connectivity, but skip on the 4G LTE radio offered by the original.

That would enable users to maintain calling and texting functionality, but would lower the costs for those who only wish to use the internet when in range of a Wi-Fi router.

Aside from the missing 3G and 4G data, everything else looks to be as it was in the first device. There's a 1080p screen, quad-core processor and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, according to the leaked screenshot.

Pocket unfriendly

As G4games reports, this isn't the first time word of a Wi-Fi only Xperia Z Ultra has drifted beneath our nostrils. Such a device reportedly took a trip through the FCC in November.

If the device were to land, it would definitely fall on the tablet end of phablet, as if it wasn't in the first place. 6.44-inches would stretch a clown's pockets, let alone our skinny Levis 511s.