Galaxy Tab S
That's not a tiger.

19.17: 'The tiger looks more majestic' - that's me sold on the display.

19.16: Thinnest and lightest tablet ever (6.6mm remember, and 465g according to the leaks of the larger one). We're going back to the Super AMOLED display again... feels like we never leave.

19.14: Apparently we're using the tablet to watch long form videos more than anything else. Despite the graphic showing web browsing is more popular. Social networking is third.

The video thing makes sense though, given Super AMOLED offers 'the ultimate viewing experience' on the 'best tablet area, elevating it to flagship status in our portfolio'.

Why did Samsung make the Tab Pro then?

19.13: Michael Abary out now - SVP from Samsung Electronics America. 'I think you'll agree tablets have evolved in the past few years... today we hardly know what we do without them'.

Try and work out where we left them, mostly.

Tab S
That's the actual Tab S. Seriouses.

19.12: People just applauded Kids Mode. Definitely some parents in the audience.

19.10: Lots of services coming too: Milk, WatchON and more - wide range of 'entertainment contents'. He just thanked Google for the movies, books and games. That comes just after Samsung shuttered its own portal.

19.09: You can also connect to a PC through R Support too.

19.08: Coming in 10.5-inch and 8.4-inch sizes, with Super AMOLED display. 6.6mm thin, and comes with some lovely accessories. Looks like a keyboard and a cover. Plus showing the ability to connect to a phone and answer the call on another device... sure I heard that in San Francisco last week.

19.06: Samsung has doubled tablet share to 22% of the market.

Oh, and he's just said the magic words: 'Let me introduce the Galaxy Tab S'.

Galaxy Tab S

19.05: Tablet shipments will hit 290million this year, from under 50 million in 2010. Samsung has made 'big commitment to tablet as it believes in the segment'. Handy, as it's launching one today, I reckon.

19.03: Ryan Bidan, from Samsung Telecoms America, is here as our compere for the evening. He just mad a lol-arious joke about Lady Gaga and football. Some laughs. We're feeling charitable as an audience.

He's just invited DJ Lee to the stage. He's got a great suit on. Spot on pocket square. He's thanking us all for buying the Galaxy S5. Bit presumptuous.

19.03: We're now seeing a magazine. And a video about 'innovation' talking about how displays are better. I can see where this is going.

Also, the music sounds like a chilled out version of Sonic the Hedgehog.

19.01: Lights are out completely! The stage is showing a countdown! GAME TIME PEOPLE.

18.58: The lights in here have been off since I got in, plus a man blinded me with a camera light. I'm guessing where the keys are on this laptop.

Tab S launch

Anyway: tablets! Well, more precisely, the Tab S. Hardly the best kept secret from Samsung.

Good news: the show is about to begin. I can stop riffing to keep things ticking along when JK Shin takes the stage.

18.55: I can't believe the Wi-Fi is still going. Yes, I'm feeling feisty. Fate tempter, that's me.

18.52: Tell you what, after the sheer madness of WWDC last week, it's nice not to be in a room full of baying Apple devs. Or by a speaker blasting Bastille's Pompeii into my soul.

Just some nice generic lift music here at Samsung.

18.51: The seats in front of me are reserved for Marvel! That means it's 99% certain Iron Man / SpiderMan / Psylocke will appear on stage at some point. Fact.

Tab S
I totally took this photo WHILE LIVE BLOGGING. I'm on fire.

18.50: While I'm on an update roll, there's some guy using Gmail, another on...Gmail again, and someone on... OH COME ON WHY IS EVERYONE ON GMAIL? Don't you have live blogs to be doing, guys? it just me?

18.47: I'm sat next to the delightful Joe Osborne - our US Reviews Ed - and he's using a Surface Pro 3. Not sure what to make of that.

The women to my left - no idea who she is. She's playing on her phone. Think she's using a mobile app of some sort. That's the sort of high-end analysis you can expect today.

18.43: I'm in, sat down, and nobody has worked out this Wi-Fi is here yet. I give it twelve seconds before it breaks down.

*Note: comedy not guaranteed. Or even likely.