19.40: A simple radio dial lets you choose the kinds of songs you want and will have a 'growing catalogue'. This feels a bit glossed over - Nokia went nuts about Mix Radio, which seems pretty similar.

19.39: Hearing how good Google Play is now. This is weird how nice Samsung is being... apparently you get the 'short film' Gravity for free too.

Also, Samsung has its own no-ads music streaming service... Milk is really easy to use and powered by Slacker.

19.38: Free Marvel subscription, Asphalt, Economist magazine - Samsung Galaxy Gifts widget is the place for all of this.

Galaxy Tab S

19.35: Jarvis keeps butting in to make jokes. It's the best bit of the presentation so far. Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron is going to be partnered with the Tab S, and Samsung products will be featured in the new movie. Jarvis just announced that.

These scripted back and forths with Michael and the partners on stage is getting tiring. Jokes about his bio levels are starting to feel weird.

19.34: Superhero next! Marvel! There better be some Wolverine action... It's Jarvis from Iron Man. Sad times. He's introduced Joe Quesada from Marvel. Does he have powers?

Galaxy Tab S

19.32: Adam Sutherland from National Geographic is up now. He's excited about showing off photos and videos in 'true color'.

Michael 'can really appreciate the power of these images'. This is so slick. I feel like this is all off the cuff. We all say 'grandeur' and 'mystery' in every day conversation, right?

19.30: Conde Nast is going to be a big partner. Tom Wallace from CN is on stage, confirming Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair are all coming. 'We love having our magazines on devices that can render them beautifully.'

He's reeling off tech specs from the tablet now... he's definitely not reading this from anywhere.

We just got a round of applause for showing how you can see an interactive golf swing. The applause is pretty random in here today.

19.28: Papergarden is Samsung's new magazine portal. All the magazines you want in one place, and you get video in there too. Samsung is making this out to be all new, but it seems like we're just finally getting the same experience as we see on the iPad.

19.26: 11 hours of battery life - a whole season of your favourite series on one charge on a plane. There's also a Content Home - it's demo time.

Briefing Widget: calendar and bookmarks. Spreadsheets are right there, and loads of content partners to give satisfaction to the viewing public. Netflix will be on there, pumping out HD content.

19.25: Tab S outside visibility is the 'best available' thanks to local contrast enhancement by breaking the screen into three parts. Then the Super AMOLED is less reflective - 40% less so.

Galaxy Tab S

19.23: The Tab S display is adaptive. Will change colour in different lighting. Will sharpen text and soften whites when reading. The screen is improved by the environment. Plus we get photo mode and cinema mode for... well, you can work it out.

19.21: We're shopping online (in theory) and we've somehow bought a lavender jumper because we used an LCD screen. Surely that's the same for laptops and PC screens too though?

Super AMOLED has a 1000x contrast ratio than LCD - that's true, that one. It's really something.

19.21: 'Eyecatching! Mesmerising! Words about color!'

19.19: The Tab S expresses a better color gamut than LCD, nearly 20% more compared to the Adobe RGB reference.

19.18: The display elevates it to an 'emotional experience'. Pixel quality AND quality. Seeing now how better it is that LCD tech, and Super AMOLED is thinner. Emissive. Come on, we've heard all this when you did the first OLED screen on a phone.