Sony Xperia Tablet Z release date pushed back to May

If you were counting down the days until the April arrival date for your Sony Xperia Tablet Z then you may be a little disappointed.

The Japanese firm's site initially listed the super slim, waterproof slate as arriving in April, but that has now switched to "available from middle of May".

This coincides with word from Expansys, after a spokesperson told TechRadar "the [Xperia Tablet Z] is expected to arrive in stock for launch w/c May 17".

Why are we waiting?

Prices are still the same with a 16GB Wi-Fi-only version of the 10.1-inch, Full HD tablet available for pre-order at £399, while the 32GB device can be snapped up for £449.

The 16GB, 4G version of the Xperia Tablet Z is now also available for pre-order, and it will set you back £499.

We've contacted Sony to try and find out why the Xperia Tablet Z release date has been pushed backed - we'll update you once we hear back.