Samsung to unveil 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Q at IFA 2011?

Possible smartphone-tablet crossover

Samsung could be set to unveil a smartphone-tablet hybrid device at IFA 2011, if rumours of a 5.3-inch screened device are to be believed.

According to Yahoo Korea's sources, the 'tabphone' will come with 3G support, but it's not clear whether it'll support voice calls or just be a data connection.

It's not really clear to us why Samsung would launch a handset that's only an inch bigger in the screen department than its current flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Too many or too few

But if it's not meant as a phone, is Samsung seriously expecting anyone to buy a 5-inch tablet in this day and age?

Other Samsung Galaxy Q specs are very thin on the ground at this point, and with nary a blurry cam shot to go on, we can't help but feel that this possible device makes very little sense.

Still, since the 5-inch Dell Streak 5 does already exist, we're willing to concede that it's possible that Samsung will follow in its (now fairly old) footsteps with the Galaxy Q.

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From Yahoo via SlashGear


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