BlackBerry PlayBook 3G launches in the UK

It's the gadget launch you've all been waiting for. Well actually it isn't, but anyway, RIM has launched a 3G version of the BlackBerry Playbook in the UK.

The 32GB-only tablet boasts mobile connectivity and is available for the rather ostentatious price-tag of £345.

You thought that was expensive? Add VAT and the whole thing comes out at £424.

That's only 25 quid shy of a 4G LTE-enabled 32GB Wi-Fi iPad mini and almost £200 more expensive than the new Google Nexus 7, which also boasts 32GB of storage and 3G connectivity.

Improved innards

The 7-inch slate also gets a faster 1.5GHz processor, just like its LTE-enabled cousin in the United States, and is available to buy now through the BlackBerry UK store.

The PlayBook has been a millstone around the brittle neck of RIM ever since it launched back in the spring of 2011.

Poor uptake was not helped by the OTT price-point, a lack of a native email client and a barren wasteland of a tablet app store.

What has happened since then to convince UK buyers in a bargain-saturated 7-inch tablet market that the PlayBook is a decent way to spend £424? Not a lot actually.

Via Engadget, BlackBerry UK