Remember those days when families sat around together and played Monopoly or Guess Who? instead of embarking on solo missions to destroy sniggering, helmet-clad pigs?

Archos does and with its newly-announced FamilyPad tablet, the manufacturer wants to spark a return to those halcyon days when "family time" meant just that.

The large 13.3-inch FamilyPad will go on sale in the U.K. in December for £274.99, while a recent trip through the U.S. Federal Trade Commission suggests an international announcement is also imminent.

The FamilyPad, which runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, has a 1200 x 800, 10-point multi-touch screen which, according to Archos, "recreates the traditional board game" experience.

Complete interactive experience

The 8GB device will feature a host of built-in games, with "thousands" more to download, the company said.

"The FamilyPad brings a new meaning to family game night and recreates the traditional board game into a digital game that provides a complete interactive experience for the entire family," Archos said in its press release.

"With its 10x multitouch screen, families can play games with up to four people at time for a real game board experience.

"The FamilyPad features thousands of various games to choose from including a range of pre-installed games selected by Archos for an instant out of the box gaming experience."

Organising the troops

Beyond gaming, the tablet is also being pitched as a family organiser, largely due to the bundled-in stand and the ability to configure a calendar app and multiple email accounts.

The FamilyPad also features a "special embedded animated slide show feature" to turn the tablet into a photo album, while it's touted as being large enough for everyone to gather around and watch movies.

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