Apple iPad mini to take on Kindle Fire?

7-inch tablet form factor eyed up

Apple is set to make waves in the 7-inch tablet market and take on the Amazon Kindle Fire. This is according to Digitimes, which is reporting that Apple is no longer ignoring the 7-inch form factor but seriously considering adding an iPad Mini to the mix.

The Kindle Fire has come under a bit of criticism because of its size, with many reviewers believing a 7-inch screen isn't right for digital magazine reading. While this is not something Amazon is putting its efforts in as of yet, Apple has fully embraced magazines with its Newsstand feature.

So it is interesting that rumours are emerging that it is to create an iPad mini for release next year.

iPad mini release date late 2012?

According to Digitimes, Apple is 'likely' to launch the iPad mini with a 7.85-inch screen before the fourth quarter of 2012.

The site reckons it has been told by sources in Apple's supply chain and that it is looking to develop a tablet of this screen size because of the success of the Kindle Fire and the launch of larger-sized smartphones.

Steve Jobs was always against a smaller iPad, so it will be interesting to see if Apple decides to enter this market regardless.

Via Cnet



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