Nans want MacBooks not slippers for Xmas

Logitech rolls out its noughties gran

According to Logitech, the Noughties Nan is far more interested in a MacBook than a bunch of lavender handkerchiefs, with traditional presents being swapped for high-tech alternatives.

According to a poll of more than 1,500 over 50s (so not necessarily nans – but we'll let it go) more than 58 per cent wanted items like iPods, MacBooks and laptops.

Yehia Oweiss, Regional Director for Logitech UK & Ireland says: "Our research shows a growing demand for gadgets from the over 50's age group.

"With Christmas just around the corner, we're conscious that grandparents across the UK will be looking for expert help when it comes to getting all their new gadgets up and running and have made sure our support teams are on standby for a busy season."

'75 years young'

As you may expect, Logitech's release also includes some heart-warming quotes from grandmother Teri Allen (billed as '75 years young') who has dabbled in social networking and 'swapped her watering can for a web-cam'.

Teri says: "Since getting my webcam and signing up to Facebook this year, I've been able to keep in touch with my family every day, even though most of them live hundreds of miles away.

"A few of my friends are getting more involved with technology now and I've been able to help them get up to speed. They really love being able to show-off to their grandkids."

We've already forked out for a Wii Fit for our nans this Christmas, although being beaten by a geriatric at the Ski Jump has not been good for our egos.


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