Hands on: Sony VAIO S review

Full HD notebook weighs in at 2kg

Following on from the 13.3-inch VAIO S is this new 15.5-inch Full HD sibling, unveiled by Sony at IFA 2011.

The new laptop is surprisingly lightweight for such a large and powerful laptop, with a cited 2kg weight. The chassis is lovely in appearance and is made from magnesium and aluminium.

The Sony VAIO S 15.5-inch UK release date is October 2011. Interestingly, the laptop is slated to use an, as yet, unreleased version of the Intel Core i chips - expect it to boast Core i5 and i7 options.

The laptop also comes with a whopping 6GB of DDR3 memory as well as 750GB of storage.

Hands on sony vaio s review

The S Series can be specified with an SSD drive should you wish, which will enable the Quick Boot tech for fast start up.

Hands on sony vaio s review

The 15.5-inch display is designed to alleviate glare from office lights or similar – light is designed to be diffused by the 1,920 x 1,080 16:9 VAIO Display Plus screen.

The panel is driven by AMD's Radeon HD 6630M alongside Intel's HD Graphics 3000 processor (this is on board the CPU).

Hands on sony vaio s review

You can also choose to have a Blu-ray drive and Sony is making an optional accessory available - the VGP-FL3D15A is a 'glasses-free' 3D panel that attaches to the S Series' LCD screen.

Hands on sony vaio s review

Battery life isn't incredible - 6.5 hours in Stamina mode, and we'd expect it to clock in at less than this on test. There's a quick charge feature, giving you an hour's use from a 20 minute charge.

As with many VAIO laptops, a switch above the keyboard lets you choose between speed and stamina modes.

Hands on sony vaio s review

A second battery sheet can be added to the laptop which can be charged separately to the main unit. Sony says this provides 13 hours of battery life in total. Here it is in action.

Hands on sony vaio s review

Hands on sony vaio s review

Sony vaio s

You can check out video of all the best Sony products on show at IFA below:



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