Hands on: Compal prototype Ultrabook review

Concept fusion of an Ultrabook and a tablet

As well as the huge number of Ultrabooks here at CES 2012, there have also been a fair few tablets too.

But what about this prototype?

It's an Intel Core i-series-based Ultrabook but one where the screen detaches to become a 13.3-inch tablet.

It's made by Compal, a Taiwanese firm more used to manufacturing hardware for other people.

Compal prototype

The device currently runs Windows 7, but our representative said that the device is fully touch compatible with Windows 8.

Compal prototype

As you can see, the tablet itself is razor-thin.

Compal prototype

It's also extremely light - under 800g apparently. You get full notebook-like ports though - there's USB 3.0 and microHDMI as well as an SD card slot.

There are rear-facing and front-facing cameras too.

Compal prototype

Unfortunately, as the device is Core rather than Atom-based, the unit does get a little hot.

The keyboard dock also includes more battery capacity.

Compal prototype

It's certainly an interesting device and, while we really think it has the wrong Intel processor inside, it's an interesting fusion that would really come alive with Windows 8.

Compal prototype



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