No shocks with Fujitsu's 300GB portable drive

Shock-mounting protects hardware; powerful data protection

Few portable 2.5-inch USB drives stretch beyond 200GB, but Fujitsu yesterday announced the release of a whopping 300GB unit.

The USB-powered 300GB portable Fujitsu External Hard Disk Drive has a 16-point omnidirectional shock mounting and an integrated USB2 cable for easy connectivity. Being powered by USB, you'll be able to hook the drive up to a notebook computer for power. So there's no need to rely on additional power adapters.

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The data protection software suite includes the Apricorn EZ Gig II for Windows backup-ware, Second Copy 2000 for file management, and Cryptainer for encryption.

The 4200rpm 300GB Fujitsu drive will be released in the US in September, priced at $229 (£114), although there's no word when it will be available over here. A 120GB/5400rpm version will also be available for $129 (£64).