Lenovo goes consumer with IdeaPad laptop

CES 2008: New line includes 17,15 and 11-inch models

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Chinese PC manufacturer Lenovo has announced three new consumer notebook models in time for CES 2008.

The IdeaPad Y510, Y710 and U110 will be sold in the US and powered by Intel chips.The notebooks will feature consumer-orientated specs such as Dolby Home Theatre sound and even dedicated gaming buttons. Lenovo says the models also have VeriFace Face Recognition so only you can log into your PC - just don't grow a beard or you might have a problem... Different colour finishes will also be available.


Hopping on the consumer bandwagon
Lenovo's push into the consumer space isn't unexpected - the industry has long expected it, while a UK exec told us last year that the company wasseeking to grow its presence in this market. So expect the IdeaPad series to land this side of the Atlantic too.

It makes sense. While businesses are increasingly happy with the hardware they have - at least in-office - analysts at IDC reckon the worldwide consumer PC market will grow by nearly 10 per cent annually through 2011.That's not to say Lenovo is veering away from businesses - 60 per cent of machines sold are still non-consumer. The IdeaPad Y710 - $1,199 (£606) - is a 17-inch widescreen model with ATI graphics, five speaker sound system and optional Blu-ray drive. It's joined by the 15.4-inch widescreen IdeaPad Y510 - $799 (£403) - as well as the ultraportable 11-inch widescreen IdeaPad U110. The latter will be out in the US in April.


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