YouView faces more delays as Lord Alan's not happy with it

Somebody's fired, probably, or something

Lord Alan Sugar has put the brakes on YouView's speculated May launch date as he doesn't think the service is good enough yet.

So says a 'senior source' to The Sunday Telegraph, anyway, adding that although a few small test circles have seen the site as it is, the artist formerly known as Suralun isn't keen to show it to anyone else.

The last we heard from the project, it was hurtling towards a 'spring' launch date, with speakers at the Digital Television Group Summit revealing May 14 as go-time.

But it's now looking less likely that we'll see YouView hit set-top boxes in just two weeks.


If so, it won't be the first targeted launch date that YouView has missed – it was originally supposed to launch in 2010, bringing free catch-up programming from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 to your web-connected devices.

Just like Netflix, Lovefilm, Apple TV, Xbox Live and Sky Go, not to mention the channels' own free-to-use on demand services like iPlayer, 4OD and ITV Player. The clock's ticking, YouView…

From The Telegraph via Gizmodo UK


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