Twitter wants to know your birthday, because ads

It's a celebrastravaspectacular

If today is your birthday, first off, happy birthday.

Second, we thought we'd tell you the social network just added the option to show the day, month and year you were born, something it's never done before.

Keeping security in mind (because what's more fun on your birthday), users can input only their birth month and day if they like and can choose who they want to see this personal info. The visibility setting for your birth year is completely separate from the month and day, too, granting greater control over your #HBD deets.

To add your birthday, go to your Twitter profile and select "Edit profile." A new Birthday button appears on the left, under the other profile settings. For a full breakdown on adding your birthday, setting up audience controls and removing your birthday, head here.

Ads and balloons - fun!

Not mentioned in the Twitter's blog post but included on its support page is that Twitter will use your birthday to "customize your Twitter experience," which means, in part, it will use it to deliver "more relevant content, including ads" to you. This may not matter some, but it's worth keeping in mind Twitter has its own designs on your bday.

But don't let Twitter's ulterior motives dampen your day: when it is your birthday, virtual balloons will float up your profile page. You can check out comedian Kevin Hart's Twitter profile to see what yours will look like come the [fill in the year] anniversary of your 21st birthday.


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