20 best free WordPress themes

10. The Side Blog

The second of Press75's freebies, The Side Blog is a simple but great looking black and grey blogging layout. With thumbnails in sidebar navigation and page links above the fold, it's professional yet simple.

Side blog

11. Modularity Lite

Graph Paper Press are better known for premium themes, so the high quality of Modularity Lite should come as no surprise. Fully Wordpress 3.0 ready, with widget and menu support, there are built in image cropping tools too.

Modularity lite

12. Neutica

We recommend this popular layout for design conscious bloggers. Striking and modern, you might need to hack the colour scheme to make sure your blog stands out from any other Neutica's around.


13. Cleanr

You can't get much cleaner than Cleanr, a simple black and white design with splashes of red. It's great for project blogging and Tumblr style scrapbooking.


14. Neonsential

Combining slick widgets with a clean lines, Neonsential is set to be a popular pick. Stuffed full of useful gadgets like drop down menus, related posts and ad blocks, all you have to do is a bit of tweaking to make it your own.


15. Color Paper

You'll find lots of scrappy, grungy themes if you look hard enough. Color Paper's the only one that really cuts it. Bonus points: you can download the original Photoshop file, for easier customisation.

Color paper

16. Artarius

Artarius gets the blogging balance right with good looks and useful features. Our favourite; an AJAX powered slideshow of posts at the top of the page.


17. Delicate

Delicate's what it's called and delicate is how it looks. With widget support it's easy to customise and Flickr integration makes it a good choice for photography fans.


18. The Erudite

If you want your site to be all about the writing, give The Erudite a go. JavaScript powered menus make for a clean reading experience, with clever use of drop caps. It's easy to customise with dashboard settings too.


19. Retromania

Retromania's natural textures make it easy on the eye - and the Photoshop source images are available for theme hackers.


20. ComicPress

ComicPress gives you the tools to craft a site that places visual imagery up front and centre. Highly configurable, it's the best quality free Wordpress template we know.