Foxtel on T-Box customers can finally watch on the Go

Telstra unboxes Foxtel from its streaming device

Pay TV operator Foxtel has been looking after its cable and satellite customers mobile viewing habits via the Foxtel Go app for months.

Even users of the streaming service Foxtel Play have been able to use the Go app for iOS and (certain) Android devices since launch. But up until today, Foxtel on T-Box customers have been left in the cold.

Fortunately, that's all ended now, with customers paying for Foxtel on T-Box now able to use the Go app to stream content on the road as of today.

Go and get entertained

Naturally, the Go offering for Foxtel on T-Box customers is limited to the packages paid for on the Telstra home device, so there's no watching Game of Thrones on the iPad if you haven't paid for it on the T-Box.

There's also the danger of chewing through data while watching over your mobile data connection.

Despite the Telstra connection, there's no unmetered option for Foxtel on T-Box customers, which is a shame given the constantly decreasing data bundles available in modern smartphone plans.


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