Facebook's Vine-alike to be separate from Instagram?

Sure, why not? We'll find out later

We are mere hours away from Facebook's mysterious press event where the social network is expected to unveil a video sharing service a bit like Twitter's Vine.

While reports up until this point have suggested this largely unnecessary motion picture exchange will be part of Instagram, the WSJ is now saying it won't.

Or, at least, it's not saying it will, based on patchy reports from anonymous sources, or a dream it once had perhaps.


The WSJ's insiders/spirit animals say that Facebook will unveil "pieces" of a "Vine-like video service".

What's that, a tech company announcing something that isn't quite ready? Wouldn't that be shocking.

Whether these reports are true or not will remain an unsolved mystery for a few hours' longer; but we'll be live at Facebook's big event today so stay tuned for some actual facts as they are revealed.

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