Burglar taunts laptop theft victim via Facebook

Thanks for the laptop, the phone, the DS and your Facebook log-in!

A web-savvy burglar has taunted one of his victims on Facebook, after stealing her laptop and logging into her account.

Victoria Richardson from Hove logged on to Facebook after the robbery and found the cheeky little message of "on my new laptop" waiting for her.

The burglar also bragged about the other things he stole from her, including a phone and a Nintendo DS, with the rather poetic, punctuation-free missive: "Listening to music on my new phone feels so good."

Porn free

To add insult to injury, the burglar then went on to explain why he didn't steal Richardson's TV, explaining: "I have the laptop , phones ok but a bit scratched itll [sic] do, tv was rubbish so I left it , ds was a bonus, now to the porn shop, thankyou toshiba is my favourite make".

Not sure what he will get for a laptop at a "porn shop" but we're positive he'll find a way. It reminds us of the time when we went to a tea room to purchase some tees for an upcoming golf match.

A spokesperson for Sussex police said about the incident: "Being burgled is traumatic enough for any family but for the culprit to apparently use their stolen possessions to publicly gloat over the crime is a sinister twist.

"As with all burglaries we are taking the matter seriously and a thorough investigation is under way to bring this offender to justice."


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