Chromecast heading to the UK 'in weeks'

The long wait soon to be over

It's taken far too long for the Google Chromecast UK release but there are signs that it is finally heading this way.

At SXSW this week, Google's head of Android Sundar Pichai, revealed that the streaming stick will be coming to "many more countries" by the end of March.

Given that rumours were rife that the device was set to launch in March - rumours that were eventually denied by Google - it is pretty much nailed on that one of the countries Chromecast will be coming to in a matter of weeks will be the UK.

Streaming rivals

Because of the wait, it was launched in July in the US, a number of Chromecast rivals have already hit homes in the UK.

First there was Now TV, a cheap little streaming box made by Sky, and more recently the Roku Streaming Stick.

Both of these offer similar things that the Chromecast does, so Google will be hoping that its direct links with Google Play movies and TV shows and Google Play Music All Access will give it something of a one-up on its rivals.

When it comes to Google Chromecast price, it is likely that it will come to the UK slap bang in the middle of Now TV and the Roku and be available for around £35.



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