The tech that gets a YouTuber through the day - according to AshleyMarieeGaming

A smartphone with a headphone jack is a good start...

Getting to the top of the pile as a YouTube gamer is no mean feat. It requires complete dedication to the cause, the creativity to stand out from the crowd and a flair for both presenting and editing - not to mention being good at videogames.

With a combined total of more than 1.6 million followers on social media - 680k followers on YouTube, 656K on Instagram and 304k on Twitter - and more than 5 million views on her most popular YouTube video alone, Cheltenham, UK-based YouTuber Ashley Marie Surcombe (aka AshleyMarieeGaming) is one of YouTube's rising stars.

As a PC gamer (playing Overwatch, Minecraft and Call of Duty), prolific YouTube video uploader and relapsing Pokémon addict, Ashley is reliant on her various devices. But what gadget does she actually use? TechRadar caught up with Ashley, who was trying out TalkTalk's Ultra Fibre-Optic (UFO) broadband network in York. We asked what she thinks about those iPhone 7 headphone jack rumors, what VR means to her as a YouTuber, and why she probably won't be building a gaming PC any time soon.

What's your go-to technology at the moment?

I know it's a kind of teenager-adult thing, but I'm obsessed with my iPhone right now! I use Twitter, Instagram and YouTube on my iPhone 6 and post to my social media profiles daily. I also use my phone for filming vlogs, before editing and uploading them. I have a Canon camera too but it's harder to carry around with me, especially in public.

On PS4

How about gaming on your phone - do you play Pokémon Go?

No - I got bored of that really easily! I got to around level 18 and then everything changed, and I was like okay, what's the point?

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 7 tonight. Are you looking forward to it?

I think it's going to be interesting if it doesn't have the actual headphone port. I'm prone to losing things, and having a normal headphone jack gives you the earphones and wires, kind of thing. Just having Bluetooth means you have these really small earphones and I swear to God, the day after, I'll misplace them.


How would you like it to improve upon the iPhone 6?

Better battery, obviously, and I hope they keep the headphone jack. The camera is already good on the iPhone 6, but if they could improve it then that would be amazing. I love the way the phone already feels. Even though I have a case on mine, which makes it a little bit bigger, it's simple to carry around. Other phones feel block-y in comparison.

What other tech are you looking forward to?

I'm really interested in the Oculus Rift, but I haven't had a big chance to get into VR. I'm getting back into the Nintendo 3DS and have been playing the new Pokémon Sapphire remake.

What do you think virtual reality will mean for YouTubers?

I don't think VR will be that big of a deal unless it gets easier to do. Gaming without VR on the PC and on consoles is always going to be bigger until VR is simplified and more content comes out for it.


Tell us your favorite Overwatch class.

At the moment it's Hanzo. For some reason I'm good at using a bow and arrow.

Hanzo takes some skill. But then, you are a PC gamer. Can you describe your setup?

I have a dual-monitor setup, which is interesting to game on, and obviously use a keyboard and a mouse on the PC.

Is that what you use to edit your videos?

Yeah – I use a lot of programs including Adobe Premier Pro, FRAPS, Audacity and Photoshop. It's basically a full time job. I spend an hour editing each video, while other YouTubers may take three or four hours.


Would you ever build your own gaming PC?

If I ever want to buy the components, I'll get my dad to build it – he's a technical person. He's told me that it's cheaper and easier to build a gaming PC yourself, but if I had the time then sure I would.

Are you appearing at any events in the near future?

I've just done Insomnia, and I have Legends of Gaming coming up this weekend but not much after that. Usually somebody emails me 'Let's go!' at the last minute, and I head off somewhere. I'm going to go back to South Korea at some point as I have a lot of friends there and the place is amazing. I spent three days there just playing videogames.