Microsoft: 'We are a long way from the 3D living room'

Xbox boss shoots down 3D hype

Microsoft says we are a long way from the 3D living room despite the hype coming out of CES this month

While 3D TVs, laptops, monitors, gaming and glasses tech has clearly been the talk of CES 2010, it seems that one major gaming and technology company is still to be convinced. Namely, Microsoft.

The Xbox 360 platform holder has not been putting its weight behind the current push to 3D gaming, in comparison with Sony's heavy focus on the new 3D PlayStation 3 PR message in Las Vegas this month.

Questioning the 3D living room

Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg expressed his own doubts about the potential of 3D in the living room, questioning whether or not we can successfully recreate the cinema experience in the home.

"I think there's a lot of questions, to be honest. 3D is great in the theatre, but for the living room? I think we're a long ways away from that," the Xbox man informed Destructoid.

"In the theatre there's nothing between you and the experience, but as you have other people in the room and other people walking by, well, it's not the same experience."

It seems that Microsoft's Xbox division is squarely focusing on Project Natal in 2010, biding its time until the 3D TV hype becomes a little more of a concrete reality – as many analysts are still estimating that little more than a million TV users worldwide will actually own a 3D-ready TV by the end of 2010.

Display industry research firm Insight Media recently issued its own report on 3D gaming, noting that we will see, based on its latest industry forecasts, a shift from "a handful of 3D-capable displays and a few thousand gamers [this year], to an expected worldwide market of over 40 million 3D-capable displays by 2014".


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