Valve Steam Machine release date, news and features

Is the conquest of the living room destined to be a three-way fight once more?

Here's a look into the past at what Steam Machines were shaping up to be in early 2014. Enjoy the extra context of exactly how much the Steam Boxes have changed in the short time since their unveiling. Spoiler: they changed. A lot. (Especially that controller, seen below.)

Watch our hands on with Valve's Steam Controller at CES 2014

And now that Valve's Devdays are in full swing, pictures are coming in off Twitter of a controller with a newly redesigned layout, featuring two four-button clusters.

Valve Steam box release date new features
Credit: @TheIneQuation

Steam Machines debut at CES 2014

To the surprise of many, gaming stole the headlines at CES 2013. Now just a few weeks from CES 2014, it's looking like the same thing will happen all over again, thanks to the Steam Box.

Or should we say Steam Boxes? Multiple manufacturers, including iBuyPower and Digital Storm, have given us glimpses of their designs, with the promise of more to come at the show in Vegas early next year.

Valve Steam Box release date news and features
(credit: Engadget)

Both manufacturers are well known in the gaming enthusiast space, and we'd be shocked if more companies that specialize in gaming didn't reveal designs over their own. Valve's idea behind making the SteamOS free and open source is to encourage multiple builds to let customers choose the machine that's right for them. Expect serious competition as hardware manufacturers fight to convince the consumer where to spend their Steam Box dollar.