Beatles: Rock Band gets limited edition goodies

You may be the walrus, but now you can also be John, Paul, George or the other one, thanks to The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Premium Bundle, details of which were announced today.

Harmonix, MTV Games and Electronic Arts confirmed that the Bundle will ship with a variety of plastic musical instruments for your rock 'n' roll karaoke pleasure.

As well as a copy of the game, the Bundle will ship with a microphone and stand, and a 'Hofner Bass controller' - a 'large scale replica' of the bass guitar famously used by the ex-Mr Heather Mills.

Ticket to ride

If competing with such a musical maestro is a little daunting, you might prefer to tackle the less talented members of the band.

Why not take on Ringo with 'Beatles-inspired and Ludwig-branded' Rock Band 2 drums, complete with classic pearl finish and 'vintage replica' Beatles kick drum head?

Or you could just take a few photos of your mates playing, then lie around in a hotel room for a few days like Yoko. Your choice.

The long and winding road

The bundle will also come with the oh-so-mysterious 'additional special content' and will sell for around £180 when it's released on September 9.

Anyone pre-ordering any version of the game (available on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii) will be eligible to join the The Beatles: Rock Band Pre-Order Club to receive breaking news and access to game art and behind-the-scenes footage directly from MTV Games and Harmonix, leading up to the game's launch.