50 best Android games 2015: our top picks

Keep those Android thumbs busy

34. Pac-Man Championship Edition (£2.60, US$3.99, AU$5.00)

Pac Man Championship Edition

Not just the same old Pac-Man that's been emulated, re-released and cloned for the last 30 years. Pac-Man CE is a fresh reworking of the maze game, with jazzy graphics, scrolling mazes and pumping sounds updating the concept for the kids of today. And the dads of today. Anyone after a really smart puzzle game, in fact.

35. Game Dev Story (£1.60, US$2.50, AU$3.00)

Game Dev Story Raiden Legacy Division Cell

The "Story" that started Kairosoft's domination of the simplistic business world sim, Game Dev Story sees you take charge of a software house and attempt to create a smash game. The sweet pixel-art characters then battle with the complexities of design and the stresses of arbitrary internet reviews from people who haven't even played it (ahem), in the pursuit of a money-making smash.

36. Raiden Legacy (£4.45, US$4.99, AU$10.00)

Raiden Legacy

Quite possibly the greatest 2D shoot 'em up of all time, the Android conversion of Radien is every bit as impressive as the original. A choice of control schemes, display and difficulty settings make it a little more manageable on touchscreens, plus, seeing as this is the Legacy edition, you get Raiden, Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2 and Raiden Fighters Jet.

37. Pointless - Quiz with Friends (£1.49, US$2.48, AU$2.80)


The bafflingly popular TV series has its own official app based around the UK version of the show, complete with cartoon effigies of its two 'Jeeves and Wooster' style hosts. Facebook integration means you can play cross-platform with friends or just spend 7.5 hours a day playing it at work. Although it can be guilty of repeating questions and categories, there's still enough content in here to waste masses of everyone's precious lives.

38. Football Manager Handheld 2014 (£6.99, US$9.99, AU$12.00)

Football Manager Handheld 2014

Explodes through the usual Android game price ceiling by charging £6.99, but, in this case, it's worth it. The full app offers a superb, stats-heavy mobile take on the classic management series, hardly skimping on any minute detail in the transition to mobile. Manage transfers, the media, match days and more in one of the sporting gamers' must-get titles.

39. Canabalt HD (£1.99, US$2.99, AU$3.68)

Canabalt HD

The newer, slightly posher version of the original game, the one that pretty much invented the "endless runner" genre that now clogs up the gaming sections of the app stores of the world. You are a man. You run along rooftops to a techno soundtrack. That's about it, only it's much more enjoyable than it sounds.

40. Another World (£1.70, US$1.99, AU$3.49)

Another World

The classic 2D puzzle platformer that wowed the simpler folk of the 1990s with the very occasional bit of 3D, has arrived in perfect form on Android. This 20th anniversary edition has the original graphics plus the option of an HD refresh, but what's really about is getting to play one of gaming's most loved classics. On your phone. For a couple of quid. Madness.

41. GTA Vice City (£2.99, US$4.99, AU$5.53)

GTA Vice City

Seem to remember people thought this was quite good. For the price of a pint (if you're somewhere northern) you can own one of the largest and most highly-rated video games of all time, to pop in and out of on your mobile phone. On-screen controls are never going to suit a game like this, but they are at least fully customisable -- so you can get it how you like it.

42. Terraria (£3.14, US$4.99, AU$5.70)


Sort of a Minecraft… platform… puzzle 'em up, Terraria players dig and mine and fight their way through randomly generated worlds. Resources make weapons and houses, weapons and houses mean you stay alive, plus there's Wi-Fi multiplayer support that has it nearing parity with the version sold on desktops.

43. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (£1.99, US$2.99, AU$3.68)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Not the easiest thing to play using on-screen buttons, but the fact this exists at all is a marvel. It's also a glorious conversion, with Sega finally taking the time to do the best Sonic justice. It's been remastered into widescreen and supports a wide range of Bluetooth controllers so, even if you don't yet own one, you'll be able to enjoy it fully when you eventually do.

44. Osmos HD (£1.79, US$2.99, AU$3.45)

Osmos HD

A lovely little ambient puzzle thing, in which you play a cell thing and make it your business to absorb others. The residue you fire out makes you smaller, though, so efficient use of your biological systems is a must. It's a chillout experience more than a game, with the surreal concept joined by some equally relaxing ambient music. A charmer.

45. Colin McRae Rally (£1.49, US$1.99, AU$2.80)

Colin McRae

Cars. Cars going round corners and sometimes down straight bits. That's what you get here, in this nice looking recreation of the old PlayStation race favourite. On Android, Colin McRae lets users race four cars including Colin's classic Ford Focus, cars you get to smash around 30 separate race stages. Based on the beloved Colin McRae Rally 2.0 from the PS2, you really can't go wrong.

46. Broken Sword: Director's Cut (£3.99, US$4.99, AU$6.58)

Broken Sword Director s Cut

This cult classic from an earlier wave of the big home consoles has been converted beautifully to Android, capturing the slightly odd and amusing adventure perfectly - and with an interface that really works on today's touchscreens. It's an "indie" game from before there were indie games, silly and with some excellent and challenging puzzles.

47. Worms 2: Armageddon (£2.99, US$4.99, AU$0.99)

Worms 2 Armageddon

Very old and very good, the Worms series led the way when it came to making strategy games fun. The comedy combat action is turn-based, with players alternating at having pop shots at each other with their weaponry. This slower pace means it's ideal for online and local multiplayer, as the odd glitch doesn't ruin the experience.

48. Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition (£6.99, US$9.99, AU$13.99)

Best Android Games

The strategy titan has a hefty price tag attached to it on Android, but that's OK as the immense challenge it contains is likely to burn for longer than the sun. The first Baldur's game, this faithful reworking of the 1998 classic also includes several of the PC game's post-release expansion packs, just in case the standard 60-hour marathon quest isn't hardcore enough for you.

49. The Wolf Among Us (£9.59, $14.99, around AU$17.99)

The Wolf Among Us

Telltale has made a name for itself with story-driven episodic games and The Wolf Among Us is one of its best. Essentially a hard boiled fairy tale, you control the big bad wolf as he hunts a murderer through the mean streets of Fabletown.

Don't let the fairy tale setting fool you, this is a violent, mature game and it's one where your decisions have consequences, impacting not only what the other characters think of you but also who lives and who dies. Episode One is free but the remaining four will set you back a steep £9.59 / $14.99 / around AU$18. Trust us though, you'll want to see how this story ends.

50. The Banner Saga (£3.49, $4.99, around AU$5.99)

The Banner Saga

Large, deep games are still relatively rare on Android, but you can add one more to the list with The Banner Saga. This Viking-inspired tactical RPG gives you control of over 25 different characters across 7 different classes as you battle your way through beautiful hand drawn environments and make decisions both in and out of combat which affect the story.

There's a lot to it, but its turn-based nature means controls are never a problem and you can take it at your own pace.