Rovi hooks cars up to home media collection

Rovi Lasso connects your car to your home music archive

A new 'automotive solution' has been announced which looks to bring all your home-entertainment needs to the humble car like never before.

Created by Rovi, provider of entertainment tech solutions, the company has come up with what it is calling Rovi's Lasso. Essentially it's a bundle of media recognition software that provides descriptive details on CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and digital files played in the car.

And not only that, the software can hook up to your home servers, "allows the transfer and sharing of digital content for enjoying on the go."

The system uses DLNA / UPnP (which works with Windows 7 'Play To') to sync the car to your AV setup.

Enhance the in-car experience

"With ever growing amount of content – music and movies – being played in the car, the vehicle is an extension of the digital home. As this trend continues, auto manufacturers are looking at how they can enhance the in-car entertainment experience," explained Corey Ferengul, Executive Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at Rovi Corporation.

"Rovi's world-class metadata and innovative connectivity capabilities simplify the design process and provides drivers an entirely new way to discover, manage and enjoy their content on the go."

Here is exactly what the new Rovi system is capable of:

  • Media Lookup: offers consumers the ability to utilise Rovi's vast metadata library to identify, tag and manage their digital content.
  • Rich Entertainment Metadata: provides extensive information on a variety of music and movies and supports multiple content types from CDs, digital files, DVD, Blu-ray Discs.
  • Software Update: provides periodic updating of embedded databases via removable media or home network connectivity.
  • Content Transfer: allows for transfer of audio files and metadata to the vehicle from standards-based devices on a home network.
  • Device Sharing: enables interoperability of portable devices via USB and standards-based connectivity.

There's no word when products featuring this system will hit the market-place, but the likes of Kenwood has already signed up and expect a whole bunch of automotive OEMs to follow suit.

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