The Top 10 desktop PCs for business

The Top 10 business desktop PCs

Acer Aspire Revo RL70
Acer Aspire Revo RL70

8. Acer Aspire Revo RL70

From £190

Often less is more and the netbook surge that took off during the early 2000s also bred a good number of small-format Atom processor-based desktop systems – aka nettop - , effectively the same hardware but in a desktop configuration. One of the front runners was the Revo range from Acer and this latest Aspire Revo RL70 uses the specifically designed AMD E450 dual-core processor, which packs reasonable 3D prowess above and beyond that of the equivalent Intel Atom D2400 found in similar systems.

The Revo RL70 comes with a base of 3GB of memory and a desktop-matching 320GB 2.5-inch hard drive. The low-price and tiny size are both attractive for small office start-ups and these machines are more than capable of handling office and internet tasks coming with wireless and wired network capabilities.

This base model does lack an optical drive and only ships with Linux, but both of these can be upgraded if so desired.