The Top 10 desktop PCs for business

The Top 10 business desktop PCs

Zoostorm 7877 0193 Business PC

3. Zoostorm 7877-0193 Business PC

From £366

For the majority of businesses reliability, good support and value are key areas to hit. Zoostorm has been delivering systems that meet those needs for years. Its current entry-level business system is the 7877 range, built around a solid PC case using well-regarded and well-known components for reliability and ease of support.

This mid-level system from the range comes with the second-gen Intel Core i3 2120 3.3GHz processor. It's an excellent choice for a business system providing all the power needed for modern office or internet applications but keeps power, therefore also noise and heat to a minimum. Shipping with 4GB of memory it supports up to 16GB and includes Windows 7 Pro, which means it should fit right into any existing infrastructure.

It comes with a standard 1-year on-site warranty, which should offer enough peace of mind but don't expect any more thrills beyond this.