Paddy Power taking bets on next Apple announcement

10/11 on one iPad announcement this year?

Irish betting giant Paddy Power has opened a book on what Apple will be announcing at its New York event in a week's time.

Apple's events have always been high-profile offerings, but now punters can put their money where their mouth is and put their hard earned cah on what they think will be announced.

Topping the list at 1/6 are electonric/digital textbooks, with an iPad Lite at 6/1 and 9/1 for the iPad 3.

Tech junkie

"Like all tech junkies I'm awaiting the latest Apple announcement with bated breath, it looks very likely that they're on the verge of launching electronic textbooks but I don't think it's beyond those geniuses at Apple to build a robot teacher!" said Paddy Power.

And for those that are even more confident they know what Apple is doing, you can also bet on the number of iPad releases that will occur in 2012.

You can get 10/11 that it will be just one and 4/5 on two. We should point out at this point that betting is for adults and that you can lose all your money if you're not very good at it.

We've spoken to Paddy Power and the bets will go up shortly if you fancy a punt.

What will the Apple announcement be regarding?
1/6 Electronic/Digital Textbooks
6/1 iPad Lite
9/1 iPad 3
14/1 Return of the iMac desktop
16/1 Apple Television set
20/1 iPhone 5
40/1 Apple Robot Teacher

How many iPad releases in 2012?
16/1 None
10/11 One
4/5 Two


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