New Apple Store app to serve up tasty gadgets with a side of free apps?

Apple will launch a new version of its official Apple Store application next week, offering free content in a bid to get more eyes on its products, according to reports this weekend.

The new Apple Store portal for iOS devices will land on Tuesday, according to 9to5Mac sources, and for a limited time will serve up freebies that can be downloaded directly from the app.

They will include items from the App Store, iTunes Store and iBooks, but don't expect it to last for too long.

The items featured within the app will be gratis initially, but will usually require users to stump up cash, according to the report.

Eyes on the products

The new app's pending revamp (pictured), seems reflect the design language of Apple's other digital stores.

The company has mastered selling content through the iTunes and the App Store portals, but according to recent comments from Tim Cook, only 20 per cent of iOS users know the Apple Store app even exists.

The company will hope that changes with the impending launch of the new app.