10 best graphics cards under £100

6. Nvidia GeForce GT 240 - £80

Unfortunately, Nvidia's GTS 250 is still sitting slightly above the £100 mark, so we can't include it in this round-up. However, you can pick up its little brother - the GT 240 - for a lot less. In spite of its day-glo looks, this is yet another card perfect for a media centre: quiet fan, low power drain and a host of outputs make it ideal. You're not going to be doing high-end gaming on this, but the pre-overclocked GPU still cranked out a respectable 26 frames per second in Far Cry 2.

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7. Nvidia GeForce 9800GT - £84

As the name suggests, this is the next model up from the 9600GT. Essentially an update of Nvidia's legendary 8800GT, it's not a bad little card, especially given that games have moved on so little in terms of graphical requirements. It's not quite up there with AMD's similarly priced HD4770, but you are getting a whole whack of Nvidia processing extras chucked in free. The passively cooled version of the card (pictured) - which is totally silent - will set you back an extra £20.

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8. AMD Radeon 5670 HD - £90

It's a quarter of a HD 5870, but it's still roughly twice as good as the GPUs you'll find in modern consoles. PC gaming WIN. The 5670HD happily chugged out decent framerates in the insatiably popular Modern Warfare 2, and Asus claims its version is completely dust-proof, so you needn't worry about it sucking up the contents of your carpet, Dyson-style. If you're keen to try DirectX 11 gaming without spending the earth, it's the card for you.

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9. AMD Radeon HD 4770 - £90

A minor miracle of micro-engineering, and a heavenly sight for your bank balance, the HD 4770 beat us round the head with our initial scepticism by being able to handle every graphics test we could throw at it. There is a caveat: you'll have to turn off anti-aliasing to get smooth framerates on larger displays, but it's still as solid as ever. Only the memory bandwidth holds it back from being as good as cards twice its price.

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10. AMD Radeon HD 5750 - £100

Teetering on the edge our price criteria, the HD 5750 is undoubtedly the best card you can buy if you've got exactly £100. It's fully DirectX 11-upped, and manages to hit decent frame rates at high resolutions - 23 frames per second in Far Cry 2 is not to be balked at on such a cheap card. At the time of reviewing, it was a tad too close to the HD 5770, but now it's cheaper it's well worth considering.

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