Best sat nav 2015: which navigation option is right for you?

What new sat nav should you buy in the UK?

Elsewhere, the admittedly steep sticker price buys you UK and Euro maps with updates for life, Bluetooth and voice control. You have to pay even more for Live services, mind you.

This has been largely superseded by the Nuvi 3598LMT but remains available and a very viable option.

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The best of the rest

RAC 5000

RAC 5000 UK & ROI

Why not try something a little more dramatic, like a widescreen

At a penny under £70, the big excitement of the RAC 5000 is the fact that it boasts a 5-inch widescreen display at an incredibly low price. In fact, you'd have to look very hard to find a widescreen sat nav even vaguely in the same ballpark as this.

The obvious benefit of having more screen space is that you can see more of the roads around you, and get more information about your journey on that screen. The great value of the RAC 5000 extends to the free safety camera updates for life, as well.

TomTom Start 60 Europe review

TomTom Start 60

A big screen, a reasonable price but wouldn't you be better off with an app?

TomTom continues to overhaul its Start range, and this, the Start 60, remains a decent deal. It lacks some of the features you can find higher up the food chain, such as bluetooth connectivity and traffic jam updates but it does boast a solid interface and a clear, bright, six-inch touchscreen. Albeit a resistive rather than capacitive one.

You also get detailed junction views and road names on your maps, and an impressive number of points of interest to peruse in your idle moments. In our view, you'd be better off with an app on your smartphone at this point but if you're still wedded to hardware, this is a strong option.

tomtom go live 825

TomTom GO Live 825 Europe

Stay connected while travelling around Europe

TomTom splits its sat nav lines into connected and non-connected models, with the Live 825 falling firmly into the first category. These Live devices are for those that drive a lot, and need the latest road and traffic information wherever they go. Beyond this difference, which incurs an annual subscription after the first year, the delta in features is actually quite slight.

Even so, for the target audience, where time wasted on out-of-date maps is money, knowing where there are traffic jams and speed cameras is worth paying for. Factor in the 5-inch widescreen display and the maps for the whole of Europe, and this isn't bad value at all.

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Garmin HUD review

Garmin HUD

Keep your eyes on the road with Garmin's heads-up display

One day, car technology might put an end to just about all road accidents. But right now we're in a tricky phase where drivers are being bombarded with more and more features and functions. That's a major problem when it comes to driver distraction. It's never a good idea for to take your eyes off the road ahead, even to glance momentarily at your navigation screen.

That's exactly where the new Garmin HUD comes in. It's a head-up display that's compatible with literally any car, no matter how new nor how old. The idea is that is delivers heads-up navigation cues along with other information including your current speed and time to destination so that you can keep your eyes forward and on the road.

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TomTom Go 60

TomTom Go 60

The budget sat nav with a few compromises

Here we go, then, with yet another new TomTom navigation device, the TomTom Go 60. Surely the world already has enough TomTom's to choose from? Actually, the Go 60 does have a plausible raison d'etre. And a simple one, to boot. It's meant to be cheap. Cheap for a 6-inch TomTom from its top-to-bottom all-new range, that is. At £179, it's just over half the price of the range-toppingTomTom Go 6000. Intriguingly, it's exactly the same price as the mid-range five incher, the Go 500. It's a decent device, but the outdated resistive touchscreen might put you off...