Best camera strap: 6 top models tested and rated

Best Camera Strap: Matin Neoprene Joint Strap

Best Camera Strap Matin Neoprene Joint Strap

Price: £12, $19
Buy it:
Consisting mainly of a thick, slightly elastic and highly flexible neoprene neck pad, the Matin Neoprene Joint Strap is very comfortable.

The addition of a textured rubber coating, which is easily cleaned, adds further comfort.

Two quick-release clips, mounted close to the camera, ensure only short sections of strap remain if the neck piece is removed.

These can be joined to form a small hand strap. This is great value. It may lack features, but is the most comfortable neck strap on test.

Our verdict

Pros… Great value and offers exceptional comfort, which is aided by the addition of a textured rubber coating
Cons… This strap lacks features but it's a minor quibble

Score: 5/5

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