Best budget tripods: 6 top models tested and rated

Manfrotto 055X PROB + 496RC2 head

Best Budget Tripods Manfrotto 055X PROB 496RC2 head

Price: £185, $290
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Built by one of the most famous names in the tripod business, the 055X PROB aluminium legs and 496RC2 ball head are sturdy and robust, with maximum load ratings of 7kg and 6kg respectively, and a combined carrying weight of 2.9kg.

From a folded height of 72cm, the Manfrotto can rise to a lofty length of 187cm. It also features a 90-degree pivoting centre column.

Unlike competing systems, though, it can only be used in vertical or horizontal positions.

The legs are based on a three-section design, with four angles, while the ball head is stable but lacks a panning control.

We say… Boasts typically reliable Manfrotto quality, and a generous maximum height.

Features: 4
Build Quality: 4
Image Quality: 4
Value for money: 4

Score: 4/5

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