Best budget tripods: 6 top models tested and rated

Hama Omega Carbon II

Best Budget Tripods Hama Omega Carbon II

Price: £180, $280
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The main bonus of carbon-fibre tripods is their potential to reduce weight while enabling stability.

However, this Hama tripod weighs in at 2.7kg, so it's as heavy as most similarly sized aluminium models.

Plus, the maximum operating height and load capacity are rather disappointing at 174cm and 4kg, although the four-section legs enable a folded length of 69cm.

The trade-off is that the bottom leg sections are quite thin, and the Hama is prone to flexing when the bottom sections are extended.

There's no centre-column pivot facility, and the link between the quick-release plate and camera feels a bit wobbly.

We say… Doesn't provide the lightweight advantage we expect from carbon, and is flimsy too.

Features: 3
Build Quality: 2
Image Quality: 4
Value for money: 2

Score: 3/5

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