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Download Vuze (Azureus)

Vuze (Azureus)

Download Vuze, the powerful BitTorrent client you might have known as Azureus

Get ultimate control of your torrents and play them back in HD with this free Vuze download

This free BitTorrent client has one of the best interfaces for managing, uploading and downloading torrents off the internet. Once called Azureus, it now goes by the snappier name of Vuze.

What you want from a good BitTorrent app is a suite of features that make finding, downloading and watching Internet content as easy as possible. This Vuze download doesn't disappoint on any of those counts.

A powerful search feature makes it easy to sift through the masses of content available online to find what you want. You can also subscribe to content feeds, so you never miss a thing, and this also acts as a surprisingly good content discovery tool.

Vuze prides itself on being a lightweight piece of software that won't hog precious system resources. It will optimise and prioritise download speeds accordingly, and with a remote option, you can schedule/manage your torrenting from anywhere.

Thanks to an integrated full HD video player, you also don't need to worry about video incompatibility. Drag and drop your content to your favourite device and know that, when you download Vuze, you can watch that content in 1080p HD without any annoying buffering problems or framerate judders. 

If you like what you see, Vuze has a paid version that goes by the imaginative name of Vuze+. It requires a yearly subscription and with every payment you get access to unlimited DVD burning, built-in antivirus protection and the ability to start playing content back while it's still downloading.

Verdict: It's often difficult to praise one BitTorrent client above another, as they all have similar options. The only way to find one you like is to try them one by one. So download Vuze today, for free, and see if this is your perfect BitTorrent buddy.

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Vuze (Azureus)

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