Download Internet Explorer for Windows 7 (32bit)

Internet Explorer for Windows 7 (32bit)

Download Internet Explorer 10 and see what the fuss is all about

Download Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 (32-bit version). A new browser for a new Windows...

When Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 10, many observers believed that it might just be a serious competitor to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Previous versions had lagged behind, but IE 10 improved the browser in key places. 

IE 10 comes with an auto-update feature that keeps it up to date during Microsoft's monthly patch-day, features a Flip Ahead feature for easy article browsing, improved privacy and web safety tools, Adobe Flash integration and a revamped look and feel.

Internet Explorer 10 also clocks in faster than its predecessor.

How fast? Internet Explorer 10 has significantly increased its speed: in our test system it mastered SunSpider-Benchmark tasks in 153.2 milliseconds on average. With 221.1 milliseconds on the clock, Internet Explorer 9 takes significantly longer on the same system.

It's the same picture in the all-round test Peacekeeper: here, Internet Explorer 10 reaches 1,875 points but its predecessor manages just 1,613 points.

Note: Internet Explorer 10 overwrites previous versions installed on your machine.

Verdict: Although the user interface has remained the same, Microsoft has significantly improved the performance of Internet Explorer for version 10.

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