iPhone 8 prices in the UAE are already starting to tumble

Well that didn't take long. Just under a month since the new iPhone 8 launched, and not even three weeks since it hit the shelves, we're already seeing prices fall significantly. Considering the general availability of the iPhone 8, it doesn't appear that many people go caught up in the hype of the launch this year. 

Even so, we thought we'd have to wait at least until the release of the iPhone X before iPhone 8 prices would start to drop. But a quick look at prices on some of the online retailers have confounded that theory.

In short, you can purchase the iPhone 8 for over AED 300 less than the price Apple launched it at. That's extraordinary for an iPhone that hasn't even celebrated its one-month anniversary.

iPhone 8 deals

iPhone 8
Apple launched the iPhone 8 64GB model at AED 2,849 and the 256GB model at AED 3,479. 

Currently, the iPhone 8 64GB is selling for as little as AED 2,659 on souq.com which is AED 190 than the retail price. The iPhone 8 256GB is selling for AED 3,279 on souq.com which is AED 200 cheaper than its retail price.

Moving on to noon.com, the iPhone 8 64GB is selling for AED 2,654 or AED 5 cheaper than souq.com while the iPhone 8 256GB is selling for AED 3,240 which is AED 239 cheaper than Apple's retail price.

iPhone 8 Plus deals

iPhone 8 Plus
Apple launched the iPhone 8 Plus 64GB model at AED 3,249 and the 256GB model at AED 3,879

Currently the iPhone 8 Plus 64GB model is selling for AED 2,938 at noon.com which is AED 311 cheaper than Apple's retail pricing. The iPhone 8 Plus 256GB is selling for AED 3,597 at noon.com which is AED 282 cheaper than Apple.

Moving to souq.com, the iPhone 8 Plus 64GB is selling for AED 2,989 which is AED 260 cheaper than Apple's retail price  while the iPhone 8 Plus 256GB is selling for AED 3,679 which is AED 200 cheaper than Apple.

Why are prices on the iPhone 8 so low?

A new iPhone has never gone down in price as fast as the iPhone 8. Why is that?

There are two reasons why we think that's the case. First, anyone who wants to buy a new iPhone is waiting for the iPhone X to be released at the start of November. Apple might have shot itself in the foot by showing the new iPhone X but releasing the iPhone 8 first. It's not as exciting of a product- especially when compared to the iPhone X.

The second reason is that the iPhone 8 is a modest upgrade over the iPhone 7. About the only big change is the glass back that supports wireless charging. Yes, it has a better screen and a faster processor but so does every iPhone released each year. You might also want to read why you should skip the iPhone 8 Plus in particular.

That being said, these lower than expected prices are good for anyone wanting to buy an iPhone 8, i.e. those of you who are currently using an iPhone 6 or older and want to stick to an iPhone and don't want to spend 4,000 Dirhams on an iPhone X. 

We believe that the prices will continue to slide and thus recommend holding off buying an iPhone 8 until the iPhone X is released following which, iPhone 8 prices should stabilize. 

iPhone 8 review in brief

Obviously excellent, but not a giant leap forward

Screen size: 4.7-inches | Resolution: 750 x 1334 | Rear camera: 12MP | Weight: 148g | OS: iOS 11 | RAM: 2GB | Storage: 64GB/256GB | External storage: No | Battery: 1821mAh

Better screen than iPhone 7
Wireless charging
New gold colour is handsome
Same old design

Don't expect a revolution with the iPhone 8. It's essentially a tweaked iPhone 7 with a few enhancements and one or two upgrades. For that reason we wouldn't particularly recommend this phone to anyone with an iPhone 7 – but for those with older phones this could make a timely upgrade if the price of the iPhone X makes you want to weep.

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