If there's one thing HTC has definitely got right with the One X in our eyes, that's the inbuilt applications. There are far too many for us to mention here, but from things like the weather forecast popping up when you pick your phone up in the morning to being able to use the internet radio from within the music player, the One X is a phone that feels very seamless at times.

Some people don't like 'bloatware' (apps pre-installed that they might not want) but we think the mix is pretty good. HTC has set up a number of partnerships that really expand the functionality of the phone - for instance, Dropbox with 23GB of additional storage.

This means your new phone comes with a massive storage locker in the cloud to keep all your content backed up - and you can even auto-sync your movies and photos, in the same way as PhotoStream works on Apple's iCloud service. There's also EverNote included out of the box, meaning you're less likely to forget appointments in the future thanks to the synchronised system.

Notes is another really clever application - it's not got the cool geo-locational functionality of its iPhone counterpart, but it allows you to write, record and connect with your calendar to swiftly and easy keep a track of your life on the go.

HTC One X review

Car Mode has had an overhaul as well, allowing large icons for applications like Phone, Maps Navigation, Music and Internet radio – plus a large clock icon with weather and easy access to connections.

Swiping left and right will bring up the apps with large font information, such as upcoming appointments in the Maps app that can be associated with directions to said meeting. It's a very handy mode, and one that will work well when the dock is finally released for the phone too.


We got our hands on an iBolt Car Dock for the HTC One X (thanks to Clove) and it's a pretty good piece of kit for enabling your handset to work in the car - much better than balancing it on the dashboard thanks to a dedicated platform and lockable sucker... although the latter did come unstuck on occasion.

The Car Mode is easy to use, although it's a shame you can't customise the apps on there. For instance, Spotify is a regular for car trips and we wish it could be added in - although the icons are large and easy to use.

One X

It's still (obviously) not advisable to use the phone when in motion, but for gaining information on what you need to know with the sat nav or the internet radio track playing, it's fine.

We could go through and list all the apps on offer here, but we think it's best you go in and have a play. Some will irk you (7Digital is far too expensive in our eyes, and the Movie Editor does very little other than make a mess of your photos and videos) but there are other excellent choices like those we've listed above, and we think overall HTC has got the mix right.