Overall, there's a lot on offer from the TomTom Start 60 Europe, but can it hold its own against a crowded market of sat navs?

We liked

The screen is so large that you can genuinely see hazards ahead easily and clearly. You won't just be driving by voice with this unit.

It makes stunningly accurate arrival time predictions. The TomTom Start 60 Europe's ability to take into account road conditions and average travel speeds means that your anticipated arrival time barely shifts even over country-wide journeys.

The voice navigation is probably the clearest currently in the market, with spoken street names, clear instructions for junctions and lane changes and plenty of notice about up and coming junctions or roundabouts without being repetitive.

For such a large screen and a healthy feature set, this sat nav offers good value for money, particularly given that the maps cover Europe and include a sizable map update within 90 days of purchase.

The map share community updates are a nice addition, although they do take some tweaking to make sure you get the warnings that matter most to you.

We disliked

The suction mechanism may be neat on the tinier models, keeping everything self contained so you can take the unit with you, but it's more unwieldy here - making it difficult to unclip the sat nav from your windscreen and access the on/off button.

The constant pinging of potential speed camera sites undermines the usefulness of the Map Share community feature. This needs tweaking so as not to be overloaded with warnings.

Final verdict

The TomTom Start 60 Europe is easily one of the best sat navs we've reviewed. The large screen, clear navigation and accuracy of the maps makes it a joy to use. The voice navigation, complete with spoken street names, is calm and clear, and it's easy to switch to a different voice if you're not happy.

We did find the mounting a little fiddly, and would have prefered the power button to be allocated on the opposite edge to the mounting system, but you will get used to this with time. The camera warnings from the map share community need some fiddling with to get right as well, although again it isn't too difficult to get this right over time.

Overall, these minor negatives don't upset the fact that this sets the standard for car navigation right now.