Top 10 best business desktop PCs of 2016

Plus a handy buying guide

Desktop PC

Here are four things you need to bear in mind when acquiring new desktop PCs for your business.

  1. If your business is buying several computers that have the same configuration, it does make sense to have a "plus one" which may come handy when one of the computers breaks down and the fault turns out to be something that be fairly easily solved by swapping parts with the spare PC. The power supply unit, the optical drive or the memory modules come to mind.
  2. Look out for regular promotions carried out by the big vendors. HP, Lenovo and Dell often offer cashback to businesses or trade-ins (which solve the issue of recycling your existing desktop PC fleet).
  3. You don't need to buy direct from the vendor in order to get the best prices. More often than not, online retailers such as Dabs or Ebuyer will provide with cheaper prices compared with buying direct from the manufacturer. Paradoxical but true.
  4. Decide on how you will buy your desktop PCs. Either outright, a lease or a hire purchase. The last two are probably the more attractive to businesses for whom cash flow is vital. The value of computers does depreciate very fast.