400,000 apps now available on Android Market

And not all of them Angry Birds knock-offs

400 000 apps now available on Android Market

The Android Market has become one of the most crowded around, with new figures suggesting that there are now 400,000 apps to choose from.

Unlike Apple's strict approval policy, the Android Market is seen a little like the Wild West of the mobile, with many applications getting through which would never make the cut on iOS.

This doesn't detract from just how big the Android Market has become in what is a relatively short space of time: according to app analytic firm Distimo, there are now 400,000 apps available, up from 200,000 in April.

It is still lagging behind the Apple App Store, which hit the 400,000 mark in June but Google seems to be catching up at quite a rate.

400,000 apps you say? Well we have managed to whittle this down to the 10 best on the Market. Watch our video to find out if your favourite made the cut.

App star

When it comes to how the number breaks down. Distimo has pointed out that 68 per cent of all apps on the market are free and there are now over 100,000 publishers creating apps for the Market.

What's interesting is that despite Google's apparent laissez faire attitude to app checking, 400,000 does relate to those apps which are active and doesn't include ones that were eventually taken off the Market for infringing copyright or being conduits to bugs.

Currently, the most popular app in all categories are: Grand Theft Auto III (paid) and Facebook for Android (free). But it is World of Goo which makes the most cash – which makes sense because it is stupidly addictive and worth every penny.

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