10 best mobile phones in the world today

The best smartphones 2015: what phone is best for you?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Hello Samsung. Nice to see you back up the list - and with the Note 4, the brand has managed to pack so much into the (well, still large) frame.

The main thing is the screen: Super AMOLED technology combined with QHD resolution means a pin sharp display, and one that we just can't take our eyes off.

The camera is nice, the power is next-gen and the whole thing is backed up by the ever-more-useful S Pen to help you clip and jot all day.

Quick verdict

While it's got a big hold over the LG G3 in many ways, it can't compete on price with the South Korean rival - and that's the big drawback for this phablet.

But it's the closest phablet to the 'average' smartphone we've seen so far, and it packs the most into that limited palm space. Well done Samsung - here's hoping the Galaxy S6 is even more impressive.