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The best smartphones 2015: what phone is best for you?

Sony Xperia Z3

8. Sony Xperia Z3

The Xperia Z3 has arrived a little too soon since the Z2 was launched, with not a huge amount of upgrades - but it's still a very nice phone.

The design is slimmed down and the screen is insanely bright, and you've still got all the lovely Sony gubbins, like Bravia tech in the screen and improved audio output.

The camera, sadly, hasn't been upgraded and still packs some of the inconsistencies we'd hoped would be ironed out by Sony's amazing camera team, and it's still not up the power of the others on the market. That said, with Remote Play now enabled, it's shot up the rankings slightly.

Quick verdict

The Z3 is a brilliant phone with a few rough edges - if you like a powerful camera that rewards learning the intricacies and want a really bright screen (with Remote Play on top) then the Z3 is very much worth looking at.