10 best mobile phones in the world today

The best smartphones 2015: what phone is best for you?

Moto X 2014

9. Moto X (2014)

It's a big win for Motorola at the moment, now it's stolen in with two places in our rankings list. It feels like a smaller smartphone, despite packing a 5.2-inch screen, as the front is mostly all bezel.

That screen is one of the standout features here, as it not only has superb Super AMOLED clarity (courtesy of Samsung) but it also has the very clever Motorola Active Display, which lets you wave your hand over the screen to see vital info and then press to preview messages.

It's not got all the bells and whistles of most smartphones - for instance, there's no way to restart the phone and the camera is rather basic - but as a day to day device it's very strong.

Quick verdict

Don't think that just because the Moto X 2014 name didn't get much of a change that the phone is just a basic specs bump.

Motorola's new flagship smartphone proves that the reinvented company is listening to customer feedback with a bigger screen and aluminum metal frame, all for a price that's better than its competition.

It's not widely available yet in Australia, and it still could do with a microSD slot and a better camera, but for a phone that doesn't cost as much, allows you to customise nearly everything stylish about the design and works well, it's one of the best.