2. Apple iPad mini 2 with Retina Display

iPad mini 2

With the release of the new iPad mini 2, this time finally touting a Retina Display, Apple's taken the top two spots. You'll either love or hate this ranking, but we can't deny that Apple has the best slates on the market right now.

The iPad Air is just ahead of the mini 2, sporting a more competitive price - though still rather high for both slates - and having a larger screen for all those iPad-friendly apps.

But this is far from a poorer device. It's got a very stylish look with its aluminium back, a superfast A7 chip and that Retina screen... though it's what we should have had last year, it catapults the new mini to our Number 2 spot.

Quick verdict

The iPad mini 2 doesn't actually seem that much smaller than it's big brother because of the change to the Air's design - and the larger tablet is now encroaching on the 'portable tablet' space.

But with the new display, the Mini 2 has as many pixels in a smaller space, leading to greater sharpness for text and pics - plus there's no loss in power or battery life, which is a marvel in itself.

But with the price only just cheaper than the Air, the mini 2 doesn't get the five star label that the Air does. Still, if you're looking for a brilliant tablet in the smaller category (and aren't too worried about cost, you wealthy little so-and-so) then the mini 2 is without compare.