Best tablet 2015: Our top 10 ranking

Top tablets compared: which is best for you?

5. iPad mini 3

Ipad Mini 3
Ipad Mini 3

One space up on the best tablets comparison and one generation newer among the iPad mini series. That's how much the iPad mini 3 hasn't changed.

A touch ID fingerprint sensor replaces the normal home button and Apple's offering a new gold colour option to match that new iPhone 6 or iphone 6 Plus of yours.

Seeing as they are the only two differences, there isn't much left to add.

Quick verdict

The iPad mini 3 isn't a bad tablet. It's got a great OS, new features and is still attractively designed. It's just that all these features are available on the mini 2 for a lot less money.

Touch ID is a nice feature, but it's not enough to recommend this tablet. This year, it hasn't matched the Air 2 in tech spec, yet the price hasn't dropped. And you can get nearly all the good features cheaper on the iPad mini 2.

Buy the iPad mini 2, or wait a few months and see if Apple Pay and Touch ID-enabled apps start to roar in popularity unless you really want to make sure you've got the best iPad mini on the market.